Hey Y’all!

I’m Raquila-D’Nai, a wife, mother, author, and speaker (and holder of 86.7 degrees as declared by my sisters-in-life). I am on a mission to inspire and encourage other women as we overcome and celebrate the highs and lows of adulting, parenting and chasing our dreams. I enjoy making people laugh as they gain insights and tips on how to be successful building the foundation for their future despite the hiccups that are bound to pop up.  My goal, by sharing the journey of my Crew and I(see our overload of family cuteness below), with you, I can serve to uplift and motivate other women and mothers!


Here, you will have access to my blog where I will share with you the truths of my heart, adventures of life and motherhood. I will bridge them together and show you how we are crafting our own unconditional life while growing a business from the ground up. I don’t promise to fix your life but I bet you will laugh a bit, get a few ideas or none-the-less feel better that the reality of my messy life still inspires me to smile which means there is hope for you too. So, get comfy and check things out over here cause every good joke needs an audience and I tell ya-I can’t make this stuff up!


                                                                 Photo courtesy of Figaro Photography



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