Sometimes, Just Shut Up

Funny story time!!! One evening at Bible study (even if you don’t attend, keep reading, I promise it’s relevant to all of us) we were studying the book of Ephesians* and came upon chapter 4 around verse 22 (Eph 4:22 if you wanna look it up). And as Pastor, explained the meaning behind “former conversation” as the habits of the old (pre-Salvation) person we were. And that we are called as Christians to do so because according to the Bible those things are corrupt. He so plainly shared that complaining and gossip are some of the easiest corrupt habits for us to fall into because they satisfy our flesh without the blatant signs of sin. Well, his solution when we have trouble refraining….just shut your mouth. Hush. Be quiet. Zip your lips. Yep, those were the main helpful hints he gave us. Okay here is where the funny comes in…you ready? We get home from church and my husband who wasn’t there to witness said message was trying to play with our daughter who was intently focused on having a tea party with me. As he tickled and kissed her, which normally insights fits of glee, she asked repeatedly for him to stop. After about her fourth or fifth attempt to end the shenanigans,she turns around in her loudest mad voice and says “Sometimes Daddy you just need to shut up!” [Insert big eye emoji here]

Now I wanted to laugh (because I realized where she was getting this message from), but knew it was bad timing so I held it in. And then I remembered, my man folk (one of the many ways I refer to my husband) hadn’t been present for said lesson and his face showed he was going from calm to Hulk smash mad in about 12 seconds. Before he could wrap his mind around to make words I did the only things a sensible mother would do. Threw up the time-out hand signal like a referee and said “Wait, wait, wait. Don’t get her for this one. Time out and let me explain.” He was fuming, she was visibly nervous but trying to seem unbothered and I just wanted to laugh. I take the man (also known as Babe, Bae and a few other synonym that are just for under our roof) into the living room and explain what just happened. I return to Ry-pie and explain why that’s not respectful and what Pastor meant when we was saying it to us at church, as clearly as I could to a three year old). She apologized, they hugged it out and I went to the garage and literally laughed out loud. What is the point of sharing this story?

Sometimes, truly keeping our mouths closed (still working on this myself) is the best thing to do! Not only can it help us refrain from complaining, negative conversations, gossip, bitterness and potentially saying hurtful things…it can also keep us out of trouble! Words have power and meaning. Seriously, if we looked at some of the latin and greek root definition for words we so commonly use, many of us would have much different vocabularies. So, I challenge you today, to hush. In that moment when the words are on the tip of your tongue but feel too thick to swallow, just keep your lips together. Silence is sweeter than the bitter taste of words we can’t unspeak**.

Much Love,


*If you have never stepped foot in a church let alone a bible study, that’s okay! More important than actions, is the believe and acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Savior. He is the only way to God, Heaven and a life with peace on this earth. If you have never accepted Him as Savior, we can do it right now together as you speak aloud the words below and believe them in your heart. If you are unsure of your salvation, join in with us to seal the deal. It almost seems too easy or too good to be true but God loved us so much He gave His perfect son. The work has already been done, we just have to believe. Once you’ve received it, it can NEVER be taken away or lost. I look forward to having you in the family:

” I believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, died on the Cross and was resurrected. Forgive me for my sins and I ask that you come into my heart as my Lord and Savior.”

If you just did that for the first time, please let me know by comment or email so we can rejoice and grow in Christ together!

**So,”unspeak” isn’t a word but it seemed to flow better than anything else and it was the first thing that came to mind. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right!



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