I’ve Become My Parents

All of us (before we have children) make some reference to never begin like out parents when our chance comes to parent. I am no exception. My list of “won’t do’s” was every discipline tactic or tough love lesson my mother made me go through. And like most, I came out on the other side of those (in my teenage mind) horrible years and circumstances. Now, as a 32 year old mother of two, I can’t help but giggle sometimes. Truth is, we all tend to do what we know, be it right or wrong. And thankfully I had a mother who parented in a way that helped me gain endurance and personal accountability.  Where do the giggles come in you ask? Great question, hopefully you can relate.

When I think back (and I don’t have to go any further than yesterday or any given thirty minute period when the kid is awake) to the time that a completely prepared meal was on the table only to hear, “I don’t want that, may the plan should be I ear french fries and mustard for dinner,” I giggle. I definitely don’t giggle in the midst of the moment (well sometimes I do, internally at least) but after I hear the words come out of my mouth that sound strikingly similar to something my mother would have said, I can’t help it. I often tell my husband, we are turning into our parents. It’s most entertaining when we catch ourselves do it and look at each other. It’s surreal how the ideas we had as children about what we would be when we “grew up” is where we are in life right now. We are living our grown up lives and once you add parenting into that mix, it becomes a whole different creature.

I always imagines myself as the progressive parent who wouldn’t yell because I hated the noise of being yelled myself.News flash…I’m a yeller. I’m also a go-to-your-roomer. A what did you just say repeater? But the truth is, parenting is about repetition. We all learn by things we are exposed to and influenced by those things we see and hear most often. And when I look at the big picture, parenting as my parent did isn’t as bad as my younger self made it seem. I mean shoot, I have grown up to be a moderately well adjusted adult and law abiding citizen. So I giggle. And those giggles will move from utter laughter to speechless frustration but I wouldn’t trade any of it.We gotta enjoy the process because time is moving so fast that the little feet we love to kiss will soon be walking into their independence and promising themselves they won’t be like us as parents…funny right!

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