Make The Most Of It

Listen, well, I guess reading will suffice-life is like a fair. There are rides you will enjoy, some that will scare you half to death and others that you can chose to skip. There will be lots of people who pass you by and some who stand with you through it all. There will be delicious and memorable meals and then there will be some things that make you sicker than you could have imagined. People will roam. Fear can be amplified or defeated. And for a few people, life ends earlier than anyone could have imagined while they were seeking their adventure like the rest of us. But no one goes to the fair to sit and spectate.

In an instance, life as we know it changes. And while having a positive perspective can help us through the things our brains can’t seem to comprehend at the moment, it doesn’t lessen the intensity of those moments. I’ve never been one who dealt with loss easily as I am not only deeply attached to my people but I am territorial (hints the “my people”). We recently had to say goodbye a part of our family, Midnight. But the dawning of new days without him after nine years of companionship feel empty. Because I love so hard, any loss of relationship can feel like a piece of me has been torn away.

But only One person ever endured being torn apart that I may have life. And it is the hope that I have in Jesus that reminds me of how precious life is. Yes, it will suck sometimes. And then those sometimes may turn into a lots. Life is challenging. Beautiful. Messy. Inspiring. Heartbreaking. But despite it all, it’s worth living! The little things don’t usually become small until big things shake our foundation. The eye of the storm is calm but after it has passed and the destruction is evaluated, that’s when we are most able to appreciate life. The capacity to function. The thankfulness that we have another opportunity to get it right, unlike those who didn’t make it through.

Our family is grieving but even as I type I am getting fired up. I have sobbed, cried and moaned in mourning for days but now, now is time to make the most of whatever is left of my days. To take this heartache and turn it into the driving force for having full days. For laughing and smiling. For being kind and generous. I don’t want to miss out on the beauty of my path. Hindsight sucks! Yep, I said it. The whole “if I knew then what I know now” only lends to keep us looking back. Forge ahead! Share your forgiveness, be honest, love hard and take it all in so that when things change in that blink of an eye, you can know you can walk tall through the valley. Think of life like collard greens, some batches can be bitter but if you take the time to let them cook slowly (patience is key) and season them properly (every challenge in life helps season us), the end result is delicious and definitely worth the wait! What can you make the most of today?

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  1. Awwwwww.. What happened to Midnight??? I agree, live life like there is no tomorrw! Enjoy it because it goes be fast.

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