What About Right Now?

What up crew? If you’re anything like me by about 5:00pm you are ready to cue the personal chef to start plating dinner so that you can all eat before the housekeeper leaves so that she can wash the dishes. . .then you wake up and realize you are the chef, housekeeper and nanny that must get it all done so that bedtime can run smoothly and peace be kept within your four walls. But when dealing with the right now, honestly, some days are difficult. Other days feel like you are on top of the world but the feeling of being caught in an avalanche hits us all from time to time. I find this most apparent in parenting.

I am notorious for telling people that I am “raising small individuals who will one day be adults.” Usually it is the preface for the story about some annoying childhood behavior or trait that may have really chapped my hide recently. But today, as I marveled at Lynnie and thought about Ry, I realized, their time to grow up will come quickly. Once they reach the precipice of middle school and responsibilities are more of a norm, the road to adulthood will come swiftly, so why rush it? I’m sure ya’ll get just as tired of saying “stop, sit down, hush, no” and a flurry of other shorthand phrases in an attempt to mute or halt our every moving children. Guess what, one day they will be quiet. They will be off doing whatever it is they are interested in. Our time with these little people is really quite short. How will we enjoy it in the right now?

Today’s post will be pretty short because I intended to put action to my intentions. I will play with the magnet dress up dolls we just got from the dollar store. I will (am considering) letting the kid help me prep dinner. I will watch The Man play with Lynnie and laugh at the new things she does. I will give my time and attention, because all I have is right now. What will you do in this moment that counts?

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1 thought on “What About Right Now?

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Beautifully said!

    I’ve yet to be blessed with the gift of motherhood, but I can admit to being guilty of rushing my nieces and nephews in their life journey. Setting aside the importance of creating deep, meaningful relationships with them until they’re older “when it matters.”

    Thank you for this reminder in being present and mindful. It’s so easy to forget



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