Are We There Yet?

What an uneventful Thursday it has been thus far externally but internally, I am fired and have to be careful cause when heat is too intense things burn down, up or at a minimum are rendered unstable. I say that to say, we often wonder if where we are in life is where are “supposed” to be. If we have arrived or are at least on the path to the reward we so greatly desire. While we all have different ideas and desires of what said rewards should be, and thus like children we can get caught in the constant state of wondering, are we there yet?

I mean really, we work, pay bills, adult and for some of we have the added duties of being spouses and parents. While our obligations and roles in life should not become grim or cumbersome, sometimes we can get caught in the repetition of daily life. Working all week waiting for Friday. Trudging through the winter waiting for the warmth of spring and summer. There are endless cycles we find ourselves in that send us in the cyclical desire for what comes next. Contentment in life is important for peace and appreciation but it is centered more around what we have as opposed to who we are. We as humans are ever changing and evolving. As we have new life experiences, meet new people and are challenged we adapt, grow or sadly, shy away and refuse what may come next.

Regardless of which response we put forth, if the results are not immediate then we begin to doubt the direction of which we have chosen to move. The persistent nagging in our hearts wondering if we are being diligent in our efforts or merely being guided by human logic and a series of mediocre decisions is real. Can I get a witness? I encourage us all to take a moment and reflect on the paths we have travelled thus far and map out the course ahead. Preparation is key. Without a desired destination, all we are really doing is hopelessly wandering with the wishful pondering that it will lead to a place of substance. No more leaving life to chance, ask yourself (cause I am definitely in the midst of this exploration myself), am I where I want/need to be? And if your answer is no, then get going towards wherever your THERE may be!

Much Love,


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