Sometimes You Just Have to Be Ken

Y’All! As a Girl Mom, there are some things I just have to do every now and again. Even the Boy Moms out there can relate to what I am about to say. Sometimes, we have to play their games…their way…when they ask. No, I don’t want to be Ken while she plays Barbie. No, I don’t want to be the cats while she is the veterinarian doing the slowest physical check-ups this side of the Mason-Dixon line. And I certainly don’t want to be the child in the family while she pretends to be the mom and attempts to use on me what she perceives I do to her. Cause really, if I have to endure one more “beauty hair appointment,” I just may shave all of our heads and throw the brushes out of the window! 

For real, when I have a spare moment I like to finish a thought or sit still. How many of you can relate to actively ignoring your child’s request to play in the interest of just going to the bathroom alone or finishing that other half of your favorite snack hidden on the highest shelf in the pantry/ C’mon, don’t leave me hangin’, I can’t possibly be alone in this! The reality is as much we may not want to, sometimes, the little humans we are called to rear need us to get on the floor (cracking knees and all) and indulge them in a few hours of imagination.

Of course the rules will change without warning and it may become boring (I’ve fallen asleep many time during a play session and my sweet child just played around me as I was sprawled out in the middle of her bedroom floor). But she thinks that I feel asleep because we were having so much fun, like she does after leaving Grandma’s house. With the way that time is running faster than Roadrunner chasing Wylie Coyote, if we don’t slow down to enjoy a few moments with our little people, we won’t have the memories to look back on when they are no longer interested in us. What can you purpose your heart to do in order to not only engage in the play request but actually enjoy the process?

Much Love,


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