No More Pressure To Perform

Hey Y’all!

Long time no write! I could give the standard, “life happens” motto or apologize for the ghosting and ask that you ride with me once more as I begin again (again). But this time around I just want to get some words out in my space. A space I originally created to speak to and encourage others while serving as an outlet for the thoughts in my brain and lack of adult conversation. Truth is, the pressure to perform: to post at regular intervals while feeling like I didn’t know what to say, not being able to narrow down who my target audience was and trying to convert my words into earning an income was EXHAUSTING! And it was defeating because I lost my vision somewhere along the way.

I went from wanting to use my words to inspire, encourage and lead people closer to Christ to trying to build a brand that somehow earned five figure a year income and made me feel “accomplished.” And when we walk out of step with God and try to manifest our vision without being diligent with the tools and timing He has given, the way gets cloudy and the destination further away. So, with that said, for those of you who subscribed many moons ago and who actually read the words I put together in these posts, lets get on down the road. The way is narrow and the people few when you are choosing to follow Christ and the direction God has prepared. I am no longer focused on following the footsteps that lead to financial gain or followers but rather just going to embark on the journey and let those things be added in time.

I’ve missed this space, y’all and our time together. Oh, and one more thing. I have decided to officially rename the blog “Mommy Couch Confessions.” While I am working to curate my unconditional life, and want to encourage y’all as you do the same, the reality is that motherhood is where I live and sometimes my address is 411 Make It To Bedtime Lane. I may not touch everyone but I desire to create a place of respite for women who know all too well the struggles of motherhood, life and all-the-things. Hope to have you with me again on the couch soon. Be sure to wear your comfy clothes ’cause I will probably still be in my pjs from the night before!

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