You’re Doing Enough

We have all fallen into the trap of feeling like, even when we manage to check off all of the things on our list of things we need or want to do, it’s just not enough. Okay, so the house is pristine but we haven’t “engaged or played” with our children. Yes, dinner is ready but laundry has piled up like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Or just maybe we managed to navigate appointments, have a successful playdate, get everyone fed and down for naps on schedule, all chores completed and we looked cute conquering the day but forget to return a call and our coffee wears off before bedtime and “mean mommy” shows up…the day feels like a total loss.

Friend, I feel like I am stuck in that cycle of ridiculous personal expectation sometimes and have to be conscious to step back and say, “Girl, cut it out.” And it’s not always easy to get myself in check but here is the truth, you…me…WE are doing enough! It is funny how I came about this realization as it relates to our homeschool days. With a second grader and toddler under foot, I often felt like we weren’t doing enough. To help instill independence in work and initiative, I ordered a student planner from Not Consumed ministries (check below for link) and it’s great! It requires that each week the student write in activities they have and list their subjects so they can check off daily as they complete them. Great personal accountability tool for our seven year old. Y’all, when I started preparing the list of lessons we do for her to copy into her planner I had a WHOLE reality check. WE. DO. A LOT! I mean, look for yourself:

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in what our immediate surroundings or results look like and the measuring stick we have isn’t properly calibrated. If we are gonna be totally honest, that last part may be the biggest issue. Where are we drawing our expectations and truth is a lot of it comes pressure to perform and compete. Whether we admit it or even recognize it, we are heavily influenced by what we see. And IG and Facebook don’t make being who we are seem acceptable. Instead it feels like living in our own strengths and personalities feels like being mediocre and one thing this girl has been taught her WHOLE life was “be better, work twice as hard, average is not acceptable.” So, as I am unlearning, redefining and building blocks for a foundation to a life I love, I am giving myself permission to live in my “enough.” Some days that means dinner isn’t mostly fried carbs and sometimes it’s checking off every box.

As we curate our own versions of unconditional lives, that also includes unconditionally accepting who we are and allowing that to guide how we move in this world. Give yourself permission to be greatly average so that you can ensure you are available to do your best work with and for those within your home first and foremost. Now, I gotta go get started on the list of lessons at hand because while we are doing enough, I’m ready to get it done and out of the way for today!

Much Love,



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