The Cleansing Rain

Y’all, as you can probably tell by the title, it’s raining. And not just the literal rain of precipitation that has been steady over the past week in my neck of the woods but a (real life) figurative rain. We know that when rain comes it softens and prepares the soil, quenches the thirst of plant and animal life and washes away the debris. Unless […]

I’ve Become My Parents

All of us (before we have children) make some reference to never begin like out parents when our chance comes to parent. I am no exception. My list of “won’t do’s” was every discipline tactic or tough love lesson my mother made me go through. And like most, I came out on the other side of those (in my teenage mind) horrible years and circumstances. […]

Pivotal Moments

Happy Labor Day Weekend! A day that our country has set aside to honor those who have made contributions to the development and workforce. That has nothing to do with today’s topic but it’s always nice to enjoy holidays and to remember those who work despite the holiday (armed forces, police, firemen, retailers, and those in the food industry). And now, back to regularly scheduled […]