A is for Acceptance

Hey Y’all! Every new season comes with changes and shifts that we may be familiar but still require more from us than we anticipated. Case in point, summer brings warm days, water activities and in the South, light bills that rival some car note payments. While some are on fixed incomes and the weight of higher bills is impossible to bear, for those of us […]

Are You Going Back to Work?

Hey Y’all! Have you ever been in the midst of conversation about careers, goals and the future? Sure, we all have. Maybe you, like me, have even discussed aspirations and things you still hope to accomplish with friends, family members or like-minded acquaintances. But, as a SAHM (Stay-at-Home-Mom), there is a question/statement that comes in a couple different forms that used to chap my lips […]

I Mean, Who Needs Oxygen?

Hey Y’all! I don’t know about you, but when I become a parent everyone talked about pregnancy, labor & delivery and the late-sleepless nights ahead. Oh, but there is so much more that goes unsaid. Some of the queues we receive in society seem to be in direct competition with truth, so let me hip ya to some truth real quick. That whole “put your air […]

Managing Expectations

Hey Y’all! A bit of advice I received when my husband and I first got married was not to start any habits that I didn’t want to maintain. This golden nugget of truth also applies to our households and  children.We have all done it at one time or another, created an internal expectation for ourselves or others and then felt the harsh repercussions of disappointment. […]

Sometimes Ya Gotta Cry (or Scream)

Life can be hard! If we aren’t careful, the repetitive nature of our days, duties and demands can be enough to wear us down. Throw in a significant other, financial obligations, kids, pets, friends, parents…see, you’re tired just reading that right!?! Such is the course of life at times, but it doesn’t have to lead to a public tantrum (unless you want it to). When you […]