Mommy Couch Confessions

If you have children, you know the struggles that come along with parenthood. There are tons of books, blogs and resources designed to help maneuver the process of rearing the little people entrusted to us but very few outlets that give the REAL life perspective. In a world full of perfect Instagram photos, positive FB posts and awesomely executed Pinterest Projects-there are some days I barely break the threshold of being mediocre at any given task. I try and fail. I cry (and hopefully) laugh. I live in the imperfect, unbalanced and slightly neurotic world of parenting and adulting.  Best part is, I’m sure you can relate to some or all of it and I invite you to share in the journey through webcasts aptly called: Mommy Couch Confessions. When keeping it real goes wrong, feel free to get the laugh  you need as I sort of life one “Can you believe this?” moment at at time! Join in on the fun of Mommy Couch Confessions!