Words are my Jam…

I’ve hardly ever in life been speechless and even when I couldn’t speak my thoughts, I’ve been able to write them. This gifting and passion is one that I have put forth in my blog and in the ebook series presented by An Unconditional Life. I hope to encourage, inspire and share a few laughs as my wordsmithing (yep, just made that conjugation up, but it works) skills are shared with the world. Grab your copy of my newest projects on the site here.

… Speaking Is What I Was Made For

It’s an honor that you here and I look forward to the opportunity to potentially work together. I have a heart for people and love to connect in a variety of ways, but to me, there is nothing stronger than the magnetic power of speaking a message to people that has the power to transform our hearts in the process. As a speaker I am allowed the amazing opportunity to use my gift of encouragement coupled with strong communication skills to relay a message and add value to the lives of the audience. I am available for bookings for your next conference, webinar, panel discussion or school function. Submit inquiries for bookings here.